Since the launch of this popular organizing book by Marie Kondo’, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. I am more than grateful as my organizing goal become clearer and its seem easier to accomplish.

Her latest book, “Spark Joy” make things better when she teaches us how to cherish everything we own and keep only thinks we have deep connection with its.

The book also complete with illustration on how to fold your clothes perfectly and keep it in storage. Which I found useful for real understanding on the method.

The Principle of Konmari Method of Clothes Folding

The folding method she introduces with the principal of space-saving really amazing. Her folding KonMari Method have successful empty most of my drawers.

As a result of this folding method, your clothes in the closet (drawers or boxes) become more visual. It’s also leave less fewer creases on your clothes and reduce your ironing efforts.

I strongly suggest for family with kids to use this method of folding. Even your small kids can easily take their favorite shirts with ease and no more digging around.

Why I personally love this concept?

Once you successful live longer with the system of organizing as introduced by Marie, you fall in love with everything you have. You appreciate your belonging more.

Cleaning also become easier and my kids can follow the method easily. It’s a great joy to see each time when I open my drawers, my clothes are perfectly folded and aligned.

Show of Gratitude towards Your Belonging

Say thank you to your belonging is a little details which we completely ignored. Maybe because we feel its not important. But when we understand why Marie suggesting this practice, its just make sense.

Some might say, why would we should thanks lifeless things because they have no emotion. We should thank god instead because its a gift from God.

What I understand from her advice is, to show your gratitude. It’s just the same concept as we say thank you to human being. When you give respect and appreciate whatever benefit you get from them (human or things), you will treat them differently. It’s doesn’t means you worship them just because you say thank you.

Basic Folding of Clothes by Konmari Method

The basic of folding using KonMori method is turns the large clothes into small squares and placing them in a box.

During the folding, your have to touch and appreciate your clothes in order to feel the respect to your belonging. After the folding, your clothes should stand upright by itself without collapsed, then you have done it right. If not, then you are not doing the right way.

Each item have to be properly storing by categories in a box on the upright way to make it visual for easy access. The result is instantly visual and your 10 seconds of folding effort really worth it.

Watch the Video here for demonstration!

Do You Konmari Your Closet?

The Konmari method is only one of the system you can follow. You can try for few months and test either the clothes folding system is suitable for your family. You can take the photos before and after few weeks or months.

Ask and get feedback from your family about the system, is it ideal for them. If the new system you introduce make things more complicated or doesn’t not bring any improvement for the house, then you might want to consider other way of folding your clothes.

my scarf Konmari Way

This is our drawers after trying the Konmari method (inspired version) of less than 6 months and its working just fine for me. But for certain items like my scarf with thin fabrics for example, its cannot stand upright by itself after folding, but I still can vertically store the scarf inside the plastics container.

Even some people do not agree with Marie’s way of tidying up and organizing, I always believe in flexibility. You can try to use any organizing system for your house, but don’t be rigid, always modified and personalized it to suit your family lifestyle.

I have found the ideal clothes folding system for our house, how about you? Have you tried Konmari or do you prefer other folding styles? Share your thought with us in the comment section below!

Want to start Konmari method Now?

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6 thoughts on “Konmari Method of Folding to Organize Your Closet and Maximize Spaces”

  1. My mother actually initiated this way of folding our household back when I was a child. The system is really nice and simple. I’ve actually never learned how to properly fold clothes the traditional way so this is literally the only method I know. Sometimes when we go on trips, instead of stuffing everything in my backpack, I use this method. Stays organized for a little bit but then it gets messy after haha. Great article!

    1. Hi Kevin,
      You have wonderful and brilliant mother. Good that you have learned that skill and thank you for sharing about the trips packing.
      Thanks for visiting and have a nice day.

  2. Thanks for sharing this lovely post; i have also read about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and i can say its indeed a blessed book for me

    I am just getting to know about konmari method of folding and i can say its indeed an eye opener.

    How do i start konmari method please?

    I am seriously interested.


    1. Hi Ola, its great way of changing one simple thing but make your whole life easier. You can start Konmari by reading Marie’s latest book, Spark Joy. You can understand more why we should cleaning and organizing the way she did.

      The book also have full illustration on how to folds clothes from socks, underwear, shirts and all other items including plastics bag. Its will help you organizing your belonging. The supplies you needs basically only containers which suits your closets and drawers. Easy and cheap way to start.

      All the best with your new mission towards Konmari.

  3. This method for organizing clothing looks to be a great idea. My family suffers from keeping too many things and then not having the space to keep them all! This method of organizing looks like it would eliminate part of the storage problem. Was it hard to get your family to start folding and organizing their clothes this way? How did you introduce it to them—slowly or all at one time? Is this way of organizing done by the same lady who had a TV show? The name sounded familiar. I am all about a cleaner, more organized house and only keeping the things I have a strong attachment for! Thanks for the great post.

    1. Hi Karin,

      Yes, you are right about Marie, she have her own show now in Netflix, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo.
      There are 7 members in my family, so I start with mine first. Only after few months trying and satisfied, then I trained my kids. Hope its working for your family too.


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