//How to Organize Home Office on the Budget
Organized Home Office

How to Organize Home Office on the Budget

Have you ever tried to organize your home office with very minimal cost. But often, it’s difficult to meet the budget. Everything seems important and you might think, you need to bought it. In other situation, you know it’s don’t even need it, but it’s too pretty to just ignore it. In my case, pretty and colorful stationery make me buy without even thinking.

Its such a difficult situation to organize home office without spending more than what we should. Most of the time, we want everything to be perfectly pretty without give much thinking.

I always wonder what should I do in such situation? After looking for helps and suggestion from others, I found that many people make planning and also preparing a budget. Treat your organizing home office as a project and start from there.

Before you start envision your dream home office, there are a few steps you should take. These steps are crucial to keep your project within your planned budget.

Visualize Your New Organized Home OfficePinterest Board Inspiration


The best goal is when you can visualize the end results clearly in your mind. I used pinterest to help me get the visual on my goal. For this project, I created a dedicated board to save photos and ideas for my new home office.

I started by picking 2-3 colors as a theme, then I choose a concept for my home office. Pinning other people ideas not only create a mood board for your office but also make you motivated.

I collect and pin all the ideas on how to organized my office files, books, workstation and stationery more effectively. That’s a great start to understand and get basic ideas how your home office will look like.

However, do not feel to excited by pinning all hundred of images until you become lost. You might end up not doing anything, and you project won’t even started.

Planning and Drawing Your New

Draft Room Layout Home Office

You just need an empty paper to draw and plan your home office. You do not have to be an artist. My drawing is not that good, it’s preschool standard. But I just draw so I see the ideas I collected suitable with my room.

Draw where you should place your work desk, how to keep your files and what’s decoration is the best for you. Use the previous pinterest board as your inspiration, but do not limit yourself. You can always change it to suit your needs, your space and include your own ideas to meet your style.

Clearly decide for each space and assign it with everything you own. Use compartment to divide things and containers, baskets, boxes to keep things in place. Write down what will it be use for. You should have easy access to things that you use regularly.

Don’t forget to put a specific place for wastebasket. Lots of people tend to forget about this small things, but it’s one important thing to keep your home office tidy.

Create Wishlist and Priorities Your Needs

List all the things you need to keep your home office as organized and neat as possible. Mark each item as necessity or if it’s not important, you just want it because it’s pretty, mark it. You will only buy if you have excess in your budget. It prevents impulse spending and prioritize your purchase later. But if you already know that, you just want to buy it but you just don’t know when to use it. Sure things it’s just there to collect dust later, cross that out from your wishlist.

When you don’t really know either to categories it’s as wants or needs, my advice is to forget about the list for a few days. Make yourself busy with something else. Then we you are ready to start working back on the project, go thru the list again. You might cross out more things in your list.

Create A Budget Spreadsheet

Budget Planning

Use the reviewed wishlist to help you prepare a budget spreadsheet. Before that any project, you should decide in advance how much you allocate money to use until you get the result.

Use your wishlist to survey the supplier who can give the best offers. After prices for everything that you need completed, that total up everything. This is crucial step to know how much money you need. If your purchases less than your budget, you are on the right track. If not, you either abandon your project because of not enough money, or your dream office is just a dream.

DIY or Reused Your Old Stuffs

Diy Make Over Furniture

Before you finalized your shopping list and quickly go out for shopping. Even shopping is the best part of make over process, but you have to wait. More important things have to be completed first.

Bring out all your things, even the ones hidden (usually there are where the treasures are hiding). Check everything that you already have. Sometimes you just bought things, keep it and forgot about it. This is right time to go thru all the item and make it become useful.

If you can hack old stuffs or DIY it, do it. Put your creativity in use and create beautiful things. Just shop for the things that do still do not have and it’s important to keep your possession in an organized manner.

DIY and reused your old stuffs have reduce your estimates purchase significantly if you already have lots of things.

Sell Used Items To Add More Cash

Take Photo and Sell

Do not worry if you still exceed your budget. If you could not reduce the spending, why not increase your budget?
Even if you still lack of cash to get your home office project, consider to sell some of your items. Sometimes other people need that’s more than you. In my case, I sold my old books that I bought before but never have an opportunity to read it (maybe it’s not interesting enough).

When extra money is available, you won’t believe how easy you realized your dream.

Your New Awesome Home Office

Home Office Make Over

All the tips should help you to makeover your current home office to more organized room within allocated budget. You do not need a huge money, but what you need is clear vision. Home office is a place to empower yourself to accomplish your mission. You just need an organized place when your mind already full of other responsibility.