//The Best Entryway Furniture to Welcome You Home

The Best Entryway Furniture to Welcome You Home

Product: Crosley Seaside Hall Tree Review
Price:  $356.36 (retail)
Cheapest Place to Buy:  Amazon.com
Features : Four double hooks, Lower storage compartment, two upper storage cabinets
Dimension: 64.5 x 40 x 18.5 inches
Item Weight : 95 pounds
Color Options : Distressed Black, Distressed White

My Rating: 9.3 out of 10

The Crosley Seaside Hall Tree, Product Overview

Each time you come home, no matter how happy you are outside of the house, but if the messy entryway welcome you at the moment you open the door, all the good mood gone. What you really need is an entryway furniture to organized everything you put at the front of the door. The usually things that you left on the front door, from your coats, keys, bags and shoes.

Instead of hiding the clutter, what you really need is Crosley Seaside Hall Tree. The hall tree with storage bench to display and arrange your things in very organize way. Its a solution for your entryway mess.  Its perfect furniture for modern house design or beach home decor.  In this review, I will highlight all the features I personally love about this hall tree as entryway storage furniture.

Functional and All in One Entryway Organizer

The winning factor for this Crosley Seaside Hall Tree is because its perfect. Entryway organizer with shoe storage is hard to find. This hall tree also comes with storage bench. Its complete and meet all the criterias when planning for stunning and organized entryway decors.

Crosley Hall Tree have it all, from storage bench, to compartment at the bottom and top and also hooks. Mount wall hooks for dropping keys, hang bags and also jacket. Closed storage under the bench can be utilize to stash shoes and all those other things you want to hide. All these things if not stored properly, you tend to trip over when you enter or out of the front door.

I thinks its a brilliant ideas to have two more overhead cubbies on the top. It is an added bonus points for extra storage. You can add a basket as decor or for stacking mail. You can also place colorful planter to add some life to your entry .

To make your life easier, there are no gap under the furniture. This is I liked most. Its a good thing because you can easily clean your floor without worrying about dust accumulated under your hall tree.

High Quality Entryway Solutions at Affordable Price

If you truely appreciate the quality of the material used to construct Crosley Hall Tree, you will be amazed by its sturdiness. Make from Solid hardwood and wood veneer, its really heavy and well constructed. This beautidul piece suits any home and does not looked dated or cheap. With this quality of furniture, you can’t beat its price. Try find same quality hall tree in any furniture store to compare the price. What I can say is, Crosley Seaside Hall Tree is absolutely affordable high quality furniture.

When you ordered and received the items, you will get a complete instruction on how to install the hall tree. Its take around 1 to 2 hours for two person to install it. If you are alone, its might be difficult and take more time (depend on your DIY experience) because the furniture quite heavy. But with clear instruction provided, its will be no problem to do it with ease.

Everything sound perfect, but the hall tree color not really 100% white or black as you can see in photos.  For black, its lighter color and the white is slightly off white. But its still nice color. Other than that, the height of the furniture also quite short compare to other brands. But my suggestion to make it look taller, just adds somethings as decors on the top of the hall trees. Read more as I will suggest the ideas for the decors to make your hall tree more functional.

Ideas to Decor Your Hall Tree to Create Inviting Entryway

Pretty and welcoming entry way means you have organized your door ways. Smooth entries and exits without stepping on clutter in front of your door is what you are aiming. Crosley Seaside Hall Tree organized your entryway perfectly. To add nice touch to the furniture, these are my suggestion for decors to create stunning and beautiful entryway.

  • Dress up your hall tree with cushion on the bench for more colorful effect
  • Decorate the top with baskets and boxes to add extra storage for incoming mails
  • Put photo frames and a family name sign to greets your visitors.
  • Adding more decors on top of the hall tree to give the appearance of extra height.
  • Potted plants and flowers of top also adds life to your hall tree.
  • Hang green or white wreath among the hooks for festive looks
  • Hang mirrors beside the hall tree for last minutes checking on your appearance before going out from the door.
  • Add few other eye-catching pieces like vases for umbrella, milk crates, big baskets around the hall tree to create a stylish entryway

Crosley Seaside Hall Tree Review, Stunning and Great Buy Entryway Furniture

I fall in love with this furniture and I believe you will too. Only one drawback, the hall tree slightly short, but its suitable to put kids bag and coats. You also can add decors and extra storage to make it looks high.  After considering the looks of the hall tree, if its too high, putting things on the top will gave odds looks. So its just perfect dimension.

Build with great sturdy material complete with bench and lots of storage on top and bottom, its a good investment for your house. Its perfect to organized and also a great decor for your entryway and it won’t fail you.

If you are a big online shopper like myself, Amazon has the best deals on this hall tree. You wont get the same quality of furniture like this in other stores. I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Any questions about the Crosley Seaside Hall Tree, just leave your comment below.