5 Best All Natural Cleaning Products You Can DIY at Home

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What is all natural cleaning products and is it work? It’s a non-toxic way to clean your house by going back to the basics, by using safe ingredients in y our cleaning products. These cleaning solution, you can be do-it-yourself using vinegar, lemon, baking soda. It’s easy to prepare, safer […]


2 Templates of Daily Cleaning Checklist Printable for FREE

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Cleaning is a routine chores and tasks that you need to do every day. Organize and keep track your housekeeping tasks and create daily, weekly and monthly checklist make your cleaning chores become a good habits. I am giving away for FREE Cleaning Checklist Template for Daily, Weekly and Monthly […]

Cleaning Greasy Kitchen Cabinet

Cleaning Greasy Kitchen Cabinets Effectively With Simple, Safe and Low Cost Ingredients.

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Congratulation! You just moved into a new rented house. However, your excitement and joys almost faded when you see how greasy, grimy and sticky your kitchen cabinet. Cleaning greasy kitchen cabinets is not an easy tasks and it’s a big job. The kitchen cabinets turn black, nasty and grease when […]