//About Azaliha

About Azaliha

Hi everyone and welcome to my iBeautiful Home website. My name is Azaliha Abdullah and I’m a full time blogger, an online entrepreneur and also mother of 5. With so many roles, I have to balance my life well. What I really need is a place call home for everyone. A place where my husband can relax after work, an organized office for me and also playing and learning place for kids.

Thanks really a big task for me. Initially, I think am struggling to do all that tasks alone without housekeeper. What happen was its really difficult tasks, I’m almost break the family apart, but somehow, I realized one day I could do better. Once I  make up my mind, my house gradually started to organized and my life start changing.

Lets me share a bit about my life before and why you are reading this blog today.


Over the years working after graduated and I only coming home to rest and sleep. Almost every tasks at home were managed by housemaid. Due to some reasons, we are migrating from Shah Alam to Alor Setar. Since then, I started working from home, without housekeeper, I have to managed everything alone. Its was really hard journey for me.

When I am in new town, I just could not find a proper job for me. So I decided to start online business. The business doing well and we have enough money to make decent living. But my house was a mess, my small kids (during that time) always crying and I myself doesn’t look like a person anymore. Maybe more like a monster.

You can imagine a woman with untangle hair, wet clothes all the time, panda eyes and its just a shame to describe more. If that whats happen to the people inside a house, there are nothing to call home.

My relationship with my husband also not going well. Both of us tired and always find reasons to fight. Its very hard to love each other when your life not in order.

At first, I thought I should get an assistant for my business. Then, I started hiring staffs and the business grows and make me more busy. The problem still not solved and I am more stressed.

Only when I start looking for help, spend few hours a week to find and learn about how to managed my life, its all change. I take action on what I have learned and my life suddenly change.

I just don’t realized before, how make small changes to your home daily can lead to better life. A clean, beautiful and organized house can create sweet home for your family. Love can only grows and bloom in a sweet home. Your life, your business and relationship with your love ones will also repairs itself in this new makeover home.

Now, after what happen to me. I want to give back. I want to share what I have experience and learn with you, my readers.



This site is dedicated to helping other mothers learn the skills of organizing your home, share their own experiences and make money from home.

I started iBeautiful Home mainly because I wanted to share what I was learning about how to create more organize and beautiful home. I also wanted to connect with other mothers and share with them whats more they can make from that home. That’s including make money and create your own success stories just from home.

If you have your own stories to share with me, contact me at azaliha@ibeautifulhome.com.



My goal for this iBeautiful Home site is to make everyone who subscribe to this blog as a queen of the house. Beautiful queen who not only rule their home, but also being an inspiration, love and respected by others. Live happily ever after is not only in movies, but also a reality.

Welcome to iBeautiful Home. My name is Azaliha, wife to supportive husband, Dhiauddin and mother of 5 kids. I started to learn about organizing after quit my job and start working at home. Overwhelmed with business, kids and daily cleaning make me realised how important home organization. It’s working like magic broom. You clean and organize your home the right way, you change you and your family life. I started this blog to share helpful tips and guides to start organize your house too. Hope you enjoy reading. You can read more about my story here

Lets get started, roll your sleeves and start working together towards beautiful, neat house. Meanwhile, if you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,