//9 Habits of People with Organized Home that Every Housewife Should Learn

9 Habits of People with Organized Home that Every Housewife Should Learn

What do house maker that have organized home have in common that you can learn from them? Try to be friends with them and you will be notice that they all share almost the same habits that you can adopt. It’s can be learn and practice to make them as your new personal traits. Once it’s become your habits, you too can have an organized home just like them.

1. They Make Schedule and Sticks to It

Schedule involved with planning and when your daily tasks was properly scheduled, your life is more productive. You can prepare in advance and as the results your life will be more organized. Prepare schedule is crucial, but the most challenging parts is to follow the schedule and sticks to it.

It’s normal to change the schedule to fits the current situation as matters arises. But you have to handle the interruption immediately to avoid wasting time and be more focus on your schedule tasks. You can download this FREE Cleaning Printable as an example how to make your own schedule.

2. They Write Things Down

Writing down whatever tasks you have in hand helps you to plans in advance. Minds also tend to remember more when you write things down rather than just memories it in your brain. You can easily missed an important dates like anniversary, birthdays, doctors appointment, school meeting when you have other lots of things to handle.

When you remember an appointment on the last minutes, what happen is your other schedule tasks will be delayed. If you need to cook/prepare important documents for that meeting, then you will prepared in hurry. Well, you can imagine how your house after that, it’s an inevitable chaos.

3. They Don’t Waste Time

Wasting time, resting for too long, playing phone while they are still lots of things to settle is not what an organized person will do. Rather than wasting time like that, they are preferred to go through the wardrobe and looking for things they can fold, arrange or clean.

If your first things you do when you wake up is checking your phone, better change that now. It’s will make you wasting time on the phone when your laundry waiting for your attention.

Housework are never ending tasks, it’s best if you start your day by keeping your house clean and organized first. Only later, when everything finish, then you can take your phone and start browsing or clicking around.

4. They Deal with Stuff Right Away

The common problem when doing housework is procrastinate chores that need your attention. Its usually happen  when you need to settle jobs that you hate the most. I don’t really like washing dishes, so what I do is to keep the plates full of sink before I start doing it.

But what happen later make me hate washing dishes even more. Just looking at the sink full of dirty dishes is more stress compared to clean the plate immediately after using it. Only after realizing about that, I start to do it immediately.

Avoid bad habit of putting things off and start to do it right away before it’s piling and burden you later. Delaying things create more problems and can cause bigger issues later. It’s always do it now or you will never do it anyway!

5. They Finish the Task at Hand

Being house maker, or sometimes I called myself house manager, you have more works compare to corporate career woman. Since you open your eyes early morning, until you close your eyes, you have never ending tasks. Sometimes, when you have so many things to do in less than 24 hours (minus the sleeping time), you tend to do extreme multitasking.

What I mean by EXTREME is while tidying your kitchen, you remember your kids toys still scattered on the floor. So you left your current tasks and go arranging your kids toys. Then while doing that, you go and run to your bedroom and make your bed. Working like this is a big NO to be an effective house manager.

What you should do is, to be calm even when you have lots of tasks in hand. Finish one by one tasks on your hand and the other tasks will be waiting patiently for you. Don’t worry, you will finish all the tasks efficiently and more organized when you finish it one by one.

6. They Know How to Prioritize

When you do not know how to prioritize with lots of chores on your hand, you will be frustrated and stress.
With kids, husband, house works, neighbors and relatives, all the known demands on your time and attentions. An organized homemaker knows which tasks to start first giving attention by making a list.

The list helps them to to identify which one important, urgent and need their attention first. When you prioritize your tasks, it’s will become more efficient. This is to avoid you overlooks on important tasks and focused on real prioritize. It’s also to avoid wasting time on an important task which can be done during leisure time.

7. They Give Everything a Place

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place.”

Learn how to categories things and give dedicated space, location or place for them is one of the main rule to keep your house organized.

Avoid things on the floor or just lying down on table because no where to place them. Put every single thing in a designated place to keep your house tidy and neat. Even rubbish needs a wastebasket to keep the area clean.

If there are no storage available, be creative and you can invest in decorative storage boxes that can be multi functional as decor and also to keep your belongings. Even after you have done with organizing, and there are still stuffs with no place for it, you have to choose either to trash it or donate it.

8. They Know Everything What They Owned

Do you keep inventory for your house? Do you record everything, in and out from your house? It’s seem ridiculous and impossible things to do and of course time-consuming too. But home inventory list not only help you to keep only important and useful things inside your house, but also as a record for insurance company in case of robbery or fire.

It’s help you keep track of damage items that needs repairs, things that need maintenance, old items that need to be replaced, and avoid unnecessary purchase of items you already have. This way, you know exactly what items in your possessions.

Make things easier by preparing the home inventory list one by one, going from room to room. Keep the copy in the server online, so you can access it in case anything happen.

9. They Don’t Keep Trash

Trash need to be throw away, no matter what. Yes, lots of people know about this. Nobody keeps rubbish inside their house. But some waste such as your food leftovers, unused papers and other household waste can easily recognize.

While others items such as old clothes, damage furniture, broken toys and others are trash, but many do not recognize it. They just kept them without using it for years, gathering dust.  Even if they know it’s a trash, many not willing to let go of their belonging for certain reasons.

Some of it attached to their belonging due to sentimental reason. Some kept it because they don’t even realized they have it. While some kept the belonging which they did not use for years because it’s just hard for them to throw away things.

All these trash caused clutter in a house until it’s lose in their possession. That is the hardest part of de-clutter for so many.  The solution for this is to learn to identify which items are trash and you don’t really needs. Throw it away without second thought.

Your Turn to Install New Habits and Get Rid of Old Habits

Habit start when you do the same things every day. Study from Phillippa Lally is a health psychology researcher at University College London, found out that, it took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days for people to form a new habit.

Her study which published in the European Journal of Social Psychology also said that it’s also can vary widely depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances.

Based on this study, you need to put extra efforts to change your old habits to a new ones and be one of those house manager with an organized home. Work every day. to keep the routine and make an effort to kept your new habits.

It’s does matter that your house is a mess now, what you need to focus now is what you want to achieve for you, your home and family.

These are just few of the habits that helps to keep the house organized. What is your current habits that maintain your home now? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Happy Organizing!

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