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Are you a stay-at-home mom who looking for opportunity to make money online? If you read my about me page, I quit my job in 2008 when we were moving to another state. Living in small village doesn’t give me motivation to look for another job. The salary for the job I liked too low and the thought about writing resumes, attend numerous interviews make me think of another option.

As mom of 3 during that time, the best opportunity to make money for me is to work at home, on the internet. For 2 years of experimenting and failing to make decent amount of income, finally I make enough income for us. Our shop grows and my husband also quit his job and join me. It’s really a proud moment while other people around me wondering what am I doing to live life like that.

It was not an easy journey, but finally its all worth it after I found the right platform. You also can do it too if you know the legitimate ways and where are the platform. These are 5 ways for stay at home moms make money online. Personally I have used all the platform myself, earn money from it and even some of its are still doing well until now.

  • Be a Freelancer
  • Open Online Store/ Shop
  • Offer Products/Service at Social Media

I believed you have already known about all these platform, but I am sharing based on my own personal experience.

Work as Freelancer

Freelancer Winning Entry
This is one of my winning entry for Designing Power Point Template. I won $100USD for this contest.

The three platform that I personally offer my logo and other simple design are,, I just learn Photoshop from blog and I am not professional graphic designer. I am graduated in Chemical Engineering, but I am able to get money from these platform.

Among these three, I am very active in freelancer the most. It’s an easy place to offer your services, bid for jobs and even enter the contest. Upwork almost the same with freelancer except for no contest are held. Be a freelancer is not my main income, I learned this platform from courses offered by government. So I just doing it to test my design skills. I can get from $10 to $100 per logo that I design and I only do the jobs during my free time.

You can register for free here and as a token, you will receive free USD20 upon registration.

Open Online Store

This is where 90% of my revenues come from. I owned an e commerce shop since 2010. I am starting from zero with no money. So I have to read lots of tutorial to build my own store. I have built my store using ZenCart, to WordPress and now OpenCart. But latest trend in market is Shopify. It is the most popular platform because of goods features and easy to used especially when you are handling lots of products. Now I am developing my new store using this platform.

This is my shop selling shape wear and products for postpartum mother after giving birth to a baby at My shop only target local Malaysian market, but we also ship to overseas (Malaysian mother who having confinement abroad). Even my online shop only served local customers, but we got a good revenue from this and its quite satisfying.

You can have your own online store too, selling your own products. If you have difficulties developing your own eCommerce store, you can learn or just hire someone to build it for you.

Offer Products/Service at Social Media

“I’m here to tell you that social selling isn’t difficult, it’s just different. No kissing on the first date: let’s get to know our prospects better first!” – Amar Sheth, VP of Customer Success, Sales for Life @AmarSheth


Want to offer service and product, but do not want to sell on e commerce? It’s okay. Used the power of social media to introduce your products and services to your target market.

It’s as simple as taking beautiful photos and posted it on your Facebook and Instagram. Write caption to describe about your products and you are ready to serve your customers. Don’t forget to add friends and followers every day, get more people known about you and your products and increase your change of getting sales.

If you have good photography skills, take really good photos of anything (you, your kids, your pets, your house, your garden, nature, just anything) and start building your own tribe. Offer review service for other people products and you can charge them reasonable price for the service.

Build up Personal Branding Using Blog

All of these products and services you are offering only best marketed thru personal branding (If you want to earn real money). People won’t buy your product or services if they do not really known about you, your personal life (you don’t need to reveal everything), and your expertise. You can leverage blogging platform for personal branding and make people who did not known about you, trust and give their money to you.

If you want to learn from basic about blogging, Wealthy Affiliate is the best program. I called it blogging university. With my 8 years experiences as online business owner, this is the first time I joined loving community of experts who helps, motivate and support your business. Most of other program that I joined before, they offered more upsell than provide guidance. But with Wealthy Affiliate Program, you only pay for membership and domain (which you really need it) and the rest is learning to make money (step by step) with support community as bonus.

Work Alone or Give Up

When building my business from home, being a mother to 5 kids, its very challenging tasks. Emotionally I mean. Nobody can understands what I have gone thru, and nobody understands what I am doing. It’s a very tough journey. But I am really thankful to Wealthy Affiliate Community, even I don’t know anybody personally, but they are really helpful, kind and supportive. You get Live help from the founder and from other members inside the community. Its the best way to get help when you need it.

If you are mom staying at home (like me), want to make your own income while keeping your home organized and clean, then I would highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. I only work 3 hours a day for this (most of the time, less than one hour when my mind have full of ideas for writing).

Start here even you have ZERO experience in online business or blogging or affiliate program. You learned everything in their program without being lost (I have joined many programs and lost inside library of stuffs without knowing what to do).

Even you already have beautiful blog, but still did not get enough income to be your own boss, you also should join the program.

There are offering BLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION now. It’s just around the corner. Grab this opportunity to learn all about website and blog development, affiliate marketing and get all the support you want with only $0.82 per day. Click the link here to grab this offer!

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