//2 Templates of Daily Cleaning Checklist Printable for FREE

2 Templates of Daily Cleaning Checklist Printable for FREE

Cleaning is a routine chores and tasks that you need to do every day. Organize and keep track your housekeeping tasks and create daily, weekly and monthly checklist make your cleaning chores become a good habits. I am giving away for FREE Cleaning Checklist Template for Daily, Weekly and Monthly with two different formats. Choose the one that is most suitable for you and your home.

Daily Cleaning Checklist Printable – with Weekly & Monthly Plans

This cleaning checklist printable template help you to maintain the consistency of your housekeeping tasks. You can set your own standard of cleaning for your house by planning in advance what you should do every day, every week and every month. Its help you to monitor tasks on cleaning even on your busy day.

How to use this template :

1) Print 1 sheet of printable template for each room (The template is in A5 size).

2) Write your daily, weekly and monthly planned tasks for each room.

3) You can use plastics folders or put the template in a photo frame to display in any room. Display it nicely, so its can be part of your room decor.

4) Tick each task with markers every time you complete the task to monitor your progress. You can rub the marker and start checking daily tasks the next day. Its so easy to use.

The result you expected after consistently using this template is a clean, tidy and organize house.


Download Blank Cleaning Schedule Format 1

Download Blank Cleaning Schedule Format 2


Bedroom Cleaning Schedule Printable

To make your task easier, I am including the sample of cleaning schedule for my kids bedroom. This schedule helps me to monitor my sons daily cleaning chores to keep his room in order. After using this template, I just to need to go inside his room, check the schedule and do the visual inspection (to make sure he really use the schedule – no cheating detect so far!).

If you think its suitable for you, you can download and print the templates at the link below.

Download Bedroom Cleaning Schedule Sample


Kitchen Cleaning Schedule Printable

kitchen-cleaning-printableKitchen is the hardest area to clean in my house because I cooked a lot. My family only eat fresh cook meal (means I have to cook during breakfast, lunch and dinner and served them right away.

They rarely eat leftover foods from earlier meals. Our house kitchen is the most busy area in our house, and daily cleaning also require lots of tasks.

I am sharing our kitchen cleaning schedule for sample and if its can benefits you in anyway, you are free to download and use it.

Download Kitchen Cleaning Schedule Sample

Cleaning is an Attitude

Cleaning is a positive attitude towards your surrounding as a results of clear state of mind. You have to do it naturally with the same reason, why you need to have shower every day. If daily cleaning is not become your routine yet, start to do it at least as your first 15 minutes morning habit. If its hard to keep the consistency, find some motivation to do it by rewarding yourself after every cleaning session.

How to reward yourself after those 15 minutes of cleaning up? Take nice shower, get dress in your best outfit of the day (ready to take your OOTD photo? ) do your hair, put nice makeup, and smile. Congratulate yourself for great accomplishment to make your house clean and beautiful today.

Share with us, your chore for today!