//House Tour : Small Living Room Decorating Ideas With Expensive Look

House Tour : Small Living Room Decorating Ideas With Expensive Look

Living room is an important place in every house. You entertain your guest, relax with your family, rest and do lots of other things in these area. That is the main focus point for this house, which located at Perak Malaysia. We present to you small decorating ideas from Malaysian Teacher from Perak. Mohd Saiful Bahrin has show his skills on woodworking, custom furnitures and also talent in interior design. Owner : Mohd Saiful Bahrin Type of House ; Semi Detached House Size : 23 x 45 ft Small living room of this semi detached single story house, did not limit his ideas and creativity to create beautiful space for his small family of five. They have lived there for 7 years and during that period, he have make few changes to the house decor. Most of his works was shared on his social media particularly his facebook. But this latest decor updates really attract lots of friends and shared on by others.

Wood Craft Wall Decor & Lots of DIY

The main attention of this living room is the wall. Wood panel is use all over the wall to give wainscoting and expensive look. The house owner have DIY the wall himself using the rejected woods from his woodworking business. But the results are really amazing and surprising. Most of the furniture and home decor as well as finishing was actually build by himself. Furniture he personally built includes console table, kitchen cabinet, dining table, coffee and side tables. He also did tons of work to make his dream house by doing himself all the wiring, flooring and wall finishing. Even the accessories like frame also his DIY and handicraft. All his previous works and project are shared in his social media account as a reference for his clients. The added personal styles and creativity make everything so precious to him. He appreciate every corner of the house because every pieces were crafted with passion. Custom creation of furniture and decors not only give high value to the house but also gives sentimental value as well. He also choose the right furniture and arrange it carefully to make the room look spacious. The selective use of minimum but functional furniture make the room look bigger and brighter.

Modern Glam & Great Color Coordination

Beautiful and matching blue color coordination for carpet, sofa and also cushions is the brilliant selection. Blue not only versatile but also with white, its a classic match and add warmth to the room. Its cool color that help to balance the yellow elements of the carpet and other accessories. The house decors and furniture represent his creativity with modern and glam concepts translated the home owner personality. The white color walls is the best paints to balance the carpets color and abstracts prints.  White is just right for the living room to avoid clutter looks and bring calms to the room. Its also give freedom to change decors from time to time. The dining room attached to the living room also adopt the same concept with the same color. Although the living room not directly connecting with dining room, but its create similar feeling. By doing this simple tricks, its incorporate both rooms as a big and wide space.

Students Inspiration & Teacher Creativity

As teacher, the beautiful house decoration have inspired his students to adopt the same decors for their school library. The comfortable school library with the feeling of entering your own house have successful attract students. The winning award library was actually decors by the students with guidance from their teacher.

Well Planned with Wise Budget

His advice to readers who wants to adopt the glam and modern looks to plan carefully before start any home decorating project. This will helps them to create beautiful home even without big expanses. Plan and follow your budget because you did not need to spend lots of money to make your house beautiful. This is his advice to house owner who wants to decorate and adopt modern glam concept. The house decor already satisfied him but for the future, he is planning to build a pool outside the house. Small house with big dream and he accomplished it without much challenges with the support from his caring wife and kids. If you are still think you could not have beautiful living room because of limited budget or your living room too small, or any other reasons, then this house decoration can help to inspire you.

Happy decorating!

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