//Plan Your Home Project with This Free Printable Calendar 2019

Plan Your Home Project with This Free Printable Calendar 2019

If the most important goal for your house this year, 2019 is getting it organized, then you need to get a proper way to planned your home project.

Many goals and home projects fail because there are no proper task lists and schedule to make your dream home a reality.

Yes, nothing would happen if its not properly planned and it is a FACT!

Today, I am sharing with you a simple way to write goal for your house and how to schedule it with Free Printable Calendar 2019. Its have help me to create realistic plan, so I can follow it even busy with kids.

But first, write your goals based on this…

What is SMART GOAL and How to Write Yours?

SMART Goal is a tools used consistently by high achievers to reach their dream and ambition.

SMART itself derives from these acronym

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Attainable

R – Realistic or Relevant

T – Time Based

The example of SMART GOAL for your house can be something like this: On 31st March 2019, I have completed 90 days declutter challenges successfully.

For you to really achieve that goal, you need to have step by step action list that you can follow through. You can always added or removed another steps in between during the process.

During initial stage, you might wonder how to write your goal and how to planned the action list. But, don’t worry. Once you start writing, the ideas will eventually flows out and you will have your list within a day.

Download FREE Printable Calendar 2019 in Ms Word
Download FREE Printable Calendar 2019 in Pdf

Schedule Your Goals in 2019 Monthly Calendars

Writing big yearly goals can do both, either motivating you to move forward or give you stressful mind and might stop you from achieving anything.

During my early business start up, I meet lots of people just like me. Too ambitious when writing goals, but after a year, we write the same goals and nothing being achieved

Big goals are GOOD but if its TOO BIG, your mind will reject it first and make it impossible to happen.

What I learned are, to write your yearly goal and break it into monthly goals. The smaller monthly goals will become easier to achieve and when you achieve your monthly goal, you will hit your BIG GOAL. Learn how to break your goals into smaller baby steps works best.

Smaller Baby Steps Towards Your Goals

Working your dream to become a reality is require lots of tasks to be completed. Make it a priority which goal you want to achieve first after you list down 100 Goals for 2019.

Choose the most important goal and break it into smaller goals. Instead of a year goal (which will come another next 12 months) and still long way to monitor your goal progress.

Break it into 3 months, 6 months smaller goal. Schedule your tasks on how to achieve your goals into monthly, weekly and daily. You can easiely monitor your progress towards your goal.

Example, I want to make save $1000 this year for my 2019 saving plan

This is my smaller goal.

3 Months Saving $250
6 Months Saving $500
1 YEAR Saving $1000

Weekly Save $20 To save $20 per week,
I have to find extra part time job /freelance that pay me at least $50 per week

You can also break your goal into daily task if you wish. When you are very specific with your goals the outline the task on how to achieve that, its more likely you will make the goal a reality.

Download FREE Printable Calendar 2019 in Ms Word

Download FREE Printable Calendar 2019 in Pdf

Check Off the List and Rewards

As human being, reward is something you need to motivate yourself to work and make action towards your goal. The reward can be tangible or non tangible depends on your interest and preference.

When choosing a reward, avoid being influence by others. If your rewards will not please yourself, you will not be motivating enough to continue your journey.

Prepare your tasklist, print it and check off the list with every accomplishment. Write a reward after certain period, to push yourself. Focus on final goal as a BIG REWARD and the small token you get along the way as fuel to give you energy to move forward.

I hope you successful in whatever dream you write in your calendar. Move over the the link below to print your 2019 Goal Calendar in Ms Word , so you can edit as you like and start writing your dream.

Download FREE Printable Calendar 2019 in Ms Word

Download FREE Printable Calendar 2019 in Pdf