//Organize Small House Effectively When You Have Limited Storage

Organize Small House Effectively When You Have Limited Storage

Small house have limited of space, but do not limit your creativity. Organizing small house required a housekeeping skills, ideas and some research.

Its not difficult if you have very little belongings, but its will become a big challenges for those who have lots of things. Wrong arrangement can cause eyesore and create unnecessary clutter. I have seen small house have no choice but piling things on the bed, working desks and even kitchen table. There are no space on the floor and worst situation is you have steps on things when walking.

Clear your mind, forget about your small space and focus on how to organized your house. Collect ideas and find inspirations. Its a simple task and you can do it yourself, or with your kids (it’s a fun project, anyway) even without helps from organizing experts.

Lets read further as we give suggestion and tips to make your organizing more effectively even your place as small as studio apartments. When you’re done, you know exactly which ideas are suitable for you house and which project you should start immediately. Lets get started to organize your things.

Look Bottom and Top for Potential Storage Space

The real problem faced by small house owner when you want to organized your place is not enough space for storage. Its normal to install racks on the wall for storing purpose. But many people forget to look for alternative hiding place like under furniture or stairs.

Before you start organizing your house, look for all possibilities of storage place. You need to list down all the potential and hidden places like under beds, under staircase, under tables and even under your wardrobe. Look up at the ceilings, top of the cabinets too. Make a list of storage space you can utilized before start organizing.

extra storage for small house

Get started from all these hidden places. Its a great place to hide all the items that you rarely use or only need to it occasionally. You want to establish maximum storage available and categories which item suitable for storage at each location.

Then, you can determine for each location, and be creative on how to create extra storage. You might want to use cabinet under the bed or keeps all the files under the table. The wall cabinet are a must for an organized small house. Both open and close shelves have their own purpose.

Certain items just not suitable to store under the furniture, but it’s more presentable when you hang it on the ceiling or place it on the top of your furniture. Kitchen equipment especially are more suitable to arrange in this position because of we use it frequently. This tricks reduce clutter and eyesore because sometimes people don’t even notice it. Its above eye level and it’s give more spacious feeling.

hanging pots


Use Multi-functional or Convertible Furniture

The result of modern technology in furniture industry with products such as modular shelves, multi-functional and convertible tables and bed, help to reduce clutter in the small home. The various design with brilliant ideas gives functional storage as well as more space in the house. The extra benefits are, the furniture design are more stylish with attractive space looks. Its become popular today because of it’s flexibility to accommodate any house and the simple design can fit in with any home design.

I am so impressed with Convertible furniture ( I called transformer furniture). How they design sofa that turns into queen bed than can be change into workstation and also bench in second, isn’t it a magic? Its was so genius and help to manage the space more efficiently.

convertible furniture

Another brilliant ideas are Modular shelves that allow you to customize your furniture and storage system. You can assemble it into whatever shape and sizes.

These furniture are the best for my small home office because of my special habit. I love to organized things, changing and experimenting new layout of my room every few months. I can easily get bored with same arrangement, sometimes it’s make my brain got stuck. After change the furniture to different layout, I can work better. These modular furniture system are must have for me.

Not only for me, I believe for small home owner, these furniture are the best. Its opening up more floor space, giving you more storage and make your home organization easier.

You can even used the furniture anywhere you want, from living room to bedroom or kitchen. Its also suitable for rented house too. Small living spaces can be tough to organized, but all these new design in furniture save my life.

storage for living room

Make Use of Space Outside Your House

I get these great ideas after watching Korean movies or drama (but I don’t remember the title) where the couple live in a small rooftop house. The house was so small even could not fit a sofa inside. But the girl wants the beautiful sofa badly, and the partner bought it for her. Unfortunately, they have to place the sofa outside because it’s was too cramp inside.

I love to see how the sofa become so important place for the couple after that. Most of the time, they use the place to hangout with the friends, to entertained guest and even having dinner there. So these are the great ideas to bring out either your dining table or your couch outside. Turning your balcony as your living space also not a bad ideas at all. Enjoy the stunning view and fresh air outside while having your meal or just spend lazy weekend on the couch.


sofa for small house

However before decide which one is right for your place, you need to consider how much is the available space of your balcony. Consider also about the weather and the lighting from the sun. If it’s too bright or your balcony always wet because of the constant rain, you might want to consider some small renovation to make it suitable. If not, invest in weather-resistant furniture or just use patio furniture cover.

Some might still need extra storage outside, consider to use bench seats with hidden storage. Decorate the balcony with plants for added privacy and tada… you just owned a small garden complete with storage.

breakfast in balcony

Limit Your Items, Keep Only Essential Things

Last but certainly not least, you want to keep your small home organize. This way, your house more beautiful and neat. Then you are ready to add more storage solutions, and rearrange your house layout. But all of these wont happen if you did not remove the clutter.

Most of the people who become victim to clutters are people who very hard to let go of things. They keep storing the items even it’s no longer useful to them. Sentimental emotion that translated into these pile of is not good for you. Start to let go your items and only allow things that be a good value to you at this current moment.

List all you items as an inventory and keep tracks whats goes inside your house. Keep only essential things and inspect your every purchase. Fewer items means less storage and less task to arrange and organize your house. Happy organizing and now you know your small house can be organized in a smart way too.

writing list