//How to Organize Home Office to Make You More Efficient at Work

How to Organize Home Office to Make You More Efficient at Work

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After working almost a year from home at a dining table, now your home office finally done. Too excited with new accomplishment, you design and decorate your dream home office without much thinking.

Only after working in your new home office for less than a year, its started to gather clutters. A place where you should really focus on getting job done, but now turns into a place where you store everything.

Its overwhelmed by the stacks of papers, office supplies, personal items, equipment. The lovely pretty home office become a big mess. Before working, you need to remove stuffs on the chair before you can sit and arrange papers on desk before you write. According to Lisa Zaslow, a professional organizer from New York City, “Surveys show the average person loses an hour a day to disorganization.” No wonder, your work progress become slower these days. So its time to do something about it.

To reduce the mess, you need to reorganized and create both an attractive and a functional home office. I listed below, 5 ways on how to organize home office to make you more effective and productive at works.

1. Functional Furniture VS Decorative Furniture

Desk optionSame Gold & White Desk, but Option 2 is better option because drawers add storage functionality

Choosing a pretty furniture might help you create a beautiful decor for your home office. But how about all the stuffs you owned? Looking at a beautiful home office with perfect styling always make me ask myself, where they keep all the documents, papers and items? Especially when you see before and after the makeover.

Where did all the stuffs in before photo goes? Its always keep me wonder. But, forget about that beautiful transformation for now. Get back to reality and focus to create a functional home office. Office where you can work and place where you have every thing you need are keep in an organized manner.

Before you decide to purchase your home office furniture, be realistic and invest in a functional furniture. Choose furniture not only because its pretty, but its functionality as well. Invest in working desk with drawers to store stationery and supplies out of sight. Leave only supplies that you used every day on the desk to create empty space for your working area. When you clear your desk, it gives you a new perspective and make you more productive.

Printer stand and cabinets also important to helps you organized other important documents better. Rather than spending money on furniture for purpose of decoration only, you can creatively use your books, file stands, decorative storage boxes as decoration as well. Book shelf and file cabinet help to reduce clutters on your desk at the same time, create a more functional work space.

2. Plan Your Home Office Layout for Easy Access

room layoutPlan your home office layout and get visual image of it. Create zone for each area for working, printing, filing and resting. Locate items you used every day an easy access and close to your working area. If you need to do lots of printing, then your printer cabinet should be place beside your working table.

Items you rarely used can be placed in the hidden containers on the book shelf or cabinet. You can adjust your office and move the furniture according to your work requirement. Categories your stuffs, count how many containers you need and label each as easy to find solution.

Allocate an area for recycling and trash area. Place your waste basket for trash and a tray for recycle papers. Many people forget about this trash and recycle things, but its important to reduce paper clutter.

Give final look at all other things you might forget. Find a place for every thing based on frequency of usage and size of items.

3. Organize Cable Wires

Cables and wires cross the floor not only look bad but also cause danger to kids and yourself. Clear things on the floor to avoid eyesore, easy cleaning and also for safety reason.

You can organize cables and cords using Velcro cables or masking tape around the cords to pull its together. Label each cables and wires, so you do not have to check back to source for each one.
hide cords with box
There are many other alternative ways to keep your cable wires organized. You can get lots of DIY ideas using plastics container and boxes to hid it. I like this ideas from simplettediy to keep the plug inside the boxes. You can also use the same idea to hide unattractive wireless router.

4. Systematic Home Filing System

Create a system to file your papers and important documents. Establish rules for creating documents and how to implement the system. The most important thing is, follow the system and be consistent.

Use color coded and label for your file, so you know exactly where they are located. Create a file locations lists and record every thing so you can find its easily in the future.

Beside book shelf and cabinets, large drawers also great for storing paperwork. Locked drawer is an excellent location to keep important documents related to accounts and also confidential files. Before create your filing system, know exactly which documents you should keep and for how long. If you keep papers more than necessary, its just like you are storing trash inside your office.

The best filing system nowadays is to invest on scanner and online storage like Dropbox. Register for FREE and you get 20GB of space for basic plan. You can always upgrade if you need more or register for business plan. Paperless filing system proven to reduce clutter and create more spaces in your home office.

5. Small Items Goes Inside Storage Boxesdecorative storage boxes

Avoid loose papers, stationer like pens and things without its own place. Organize your office stuffs into categories and place like items together.

Always keep small items in a containers to avoid clutters. Make use of carton boxes, plastics containers, shoe box and there are tons of ideas on how to keep your items in a storage containers.

Out of sight does not means you have successfully organized your belonging. Even if you keep your items in a close container, arrange and organized it properly.   Hiding your mess is not a solution for organization. The contents should be easily accessible and easy to find when you need it.

Pretty and matching storage bins helps to give instant organized looks, but different types and sizes of boxes add texture and style to your room. Experiment with different arrangement to get different looks for your home office.

BONUS TIP to reduce paper clutters – Purge, Shred and Recycle Area

There are three things you really need to get rid of clutter right away in your home office. Waste bin, a shredder and a recycle tray. If not, papers and ‘things you don’t even know what is it’ will be accumulated daily. Only after a weeks, your pretty desk and chair, will be a victim to all these waste papers and unwanted items.

Prepare waste basket under your desks or at the corner of your home office. Immediately, without hesitation, throws out and get rid of broken pens and trash paper. Avoid the toxic thinking, “I might want to fix/use it later”. Believe me, you wont do anything to it anymore!

Private and undisclosed documents like bank account information should be shredded. Keep recycle papers in its allocated place, so other members in you family can also use it. I shared most of my recycle papers with my kids, so they know where they can get the right papers for drawings or making their craft works.

I do not have to worry anymore the possibility of the kids wrongly take important paper for their drawings. They already have lots of papers in their study room, I just don’t understand why they keep coming to my office to find things. If your kids just like mine, so you should have the recycle tray and tell your kids about it.

Clear Minds Generates Brilliant Ideas

Organize home office brings your creative minds to work brilliantly. When you know exactly where you stored every things, you can work efficiently on your desk. No more wasting time looking for things you need immediately when its no where to find.

Hopefully, its bring more success to you and your family. Enjoy your new home office and a bright future.