//How to Get Organized with Kids – Genius and Fun Ways
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How to Get Organized with Kids – Genius and Fun Ways

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Your kids have more stuffs than you do? Then don’t do the organizing alone. If you do, the clutter will come again and again even after you spend hours keeping and arranging. It’s difficult to keep every toy, clothes, books and stuffs owned by your kids neat and tidy all the time. Either you are stepping on their Lego on the floor, or sit on their clothes on bed or couch. The endless clutter might change you into mommy monster. It’s could harm you and your kids if you did not tackle this problem now.

The most effective ways to change this situation is to get them involved. There are ways to make them interested with the cleaning and organizing their belonging. Let’s find out how to get organize with kids. We suggest these 5 genius and fun ways to make them interested and finally love it.

Create A System

The purpose to get the kids learn how to organize their own thing are to teach them to be disciplined and responsible. I strongly believe the organization is a process and it can be taught. Kids have to learn how to arranging their own belonging back after use them in their allocated place.

I am quite interested with Japan’s Education that teach their children to clean their own schools. They called it a ritual called shinkansen cleaning. It’s also a reason why Japan is so clean. The clean mentality for these kids are taught thru a system. That is what we should do too.

As a parent, our responsibility is to prepare a simple and ‘easy to follow’ system. A system that can solve the source of clutters, and it’s working with your kids. There must know where, when and how to do the cleaning and organizing. To make things fun, I sit together with the kids to prepare layout of the room, containers and place to sort things. It’s should be an interesting activity for the kids.


Change of Habit

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Once the system ready to be implemented, a change of habit is a must. Sometimes (or most of the time) my kids tend to forgot what have been taught. It takes time to acquire a habit, you as parent have to be more patient and be more positive. Nagging, screaming and get angry make them more lazy and even avoiding the task.

The solution is to make them repeating the task everyday until it’s become a habit. I have prepared checklist (habit trackers) for them and every night before sleep, we will review the checklist together. These activities also encourage family binding and the kids always looking forward for these activities. They get excited to get the stickers as a reward. I still believe reward system worked for my kids.

Parents –Kids Mutual Responsibility

The kids will not go to follow the system if you as a parent do not set an example. Be a role model and Your children will learn by watching your everyday behaviors. Work together with them to make organizing as part of your family new lifestyle.

You also need to help them with their organizing task. I added trash and donate container for each room to avoid excessive clutter in the future. It’s goes for the clothing, toys and books. From time to time, my kids will add things that don’t want to the container. What happen are, the kids especially the boys also still could not differentiate between trash and donate. Occasionally, when they just feel lazy to organize things, they just simply throw it to the trash container.

My task is to check and reconfirm why things was being put it away. It’s not only helping the kids to decide later, but also to disciplined them.

Another added advantages are, it’s give me ideas what is their styles and preference when I am shopping for the things later. These will reduce things which not suitable for them which ends up as clutter in the future. They might never use it or just want to trash it as soon as possible.

Their Small House

Kids Bedroom

Virtually all kids are creative by nature, so lets them be creative with their room. Let them think the room as their small house. Give them freedom and be more flexible on how they want to decorate and arrange their room. Trust them to do it in their own way. Tell them what do you expect their room should look like every morning, throughout the day and night before sleep.

It’s easier if you can do all the cleaning and organizing yourself, but it will be less fun for the kids. Make them love the process of cleaning and organizing like you do. They will develop the feeling of ownership with their room once you give permission for them to let them to everything themselves.

Give task suits your kids age. You can start giving them simple task for your 3 years old son. They can be disciplined at earlier age if you ask them arranging toys after playing. Instead of buying boring container, get them cute baskets to motivate them do the chores.


You might still have to do some extra task afterward, but it’s worth it in the future. Guide them every day with little task and record the progress. Instead of getting what you want from be more demanding mother, this time let be more responsive. Your mission is to let the kids to appreciate and fall in love with their own bedroom.

Support & Rewards

Support the kids to keep organized because it’s encourages a child’s sense of responsibility, cooperation, cleanliness. This is important tools for their success in school and in life. You have to support them along the process of adapting the habit from preparation and also on daily implementation. Make the whole family to adapt to changes and together support the process.

Recognize your kids efforts through rewards to motivate and inspire them. Not all rewards cost you money, and you kid might value it higher than anything. You can prepare rewards chart for their inspiration. This reward actually positive for the kids. Even some say it’s like a bride, but what make it different is bride is given before the task accomplished. Rewards is totally opposite.

Tools for Happiness and Success

Happy family is the results of good relationship and cooperation between each family members. Cleaning and organizing create a positive lifestyle and an important tool to create happiness. It’s actually more than that, it’s an attitude and a scale to bring success in school and to achieve your kids goal in life. Start now for your kids future.