//How to Clean A Messy House Fast Even Its Look Impossible

How to Clean A Messy House Fast Even Its Look Impossible

It’s a day when your mood just not right and you feel so lazy to do cleaning. You lets to kids playing actively without controlled. Your house worse than war zone. Toys everywhere, laundry not done, kitchen a disaster and clothes are on to floors.

Suddenly your phone ringing and your partner called to informed about surprise visit from his friends. They are your husband old friends who just move to to city and your husband just happen to brag about you. How perfect wife you are and everything good about you. They just couldn’t wait to meet you and to kids.

You feel so angry with your husband, but you have prepared for this sudden visit. If this happen to me, my brain will be sending me into panic mode. But now, it’s no time to get panic and you have to start working at no time. Your husband won’t be happy to bring his friends to this cluttered house, so it’s just right to clean to messy before they come home.

If you do not know how to clean a messy house fast before, it’s not easy to do it. Last minutes cleaning require tricks and skills to make to house looks and feels clean. This post will tell you what you can do to give your messy house a makeover within few hours.

Quick Inspection

Get your first visual inspection of to h

ouse by moving from room to room. You need to bring with you a big container or basket and also a big garbage bag. Start picking everything that not belong to the place.

If the clutter is easy to put away, do it immediately! If its should be placed in another room, then collect it into the basket.

Put rubbish into to bag, and gathers all other things into to basket. That includes clothes on to floor, toys, papers, magazine and stuffs in every single room. This general tidying already make a big impact to your house

Plan Your Cleaning

Cleaning Professional only take 4 hours to clean to whole house. So it’s not impossible to get your messy house clean as fast as that. What you need is a proper planning. Where to start cleaning and how to do it.

As suggested by Sherry Hewins , to former cleaning professional, you’re starting point is to bathroom and toilets. But do not start cleaning them first, because what you need to do is to soak to bathroom, toilets, sinks, floor, and mirror with cleaning products. You need to let to cleaner sit there and give time for to cleaning agent to working on to dirt.

Meanwhile, you can go and clean to living room first. After finish cleaning to living room, you can go back to bathroom and start cleaning all to surfaces.

Start Cleaning from Top to Bottom

Save time for extra cleaning by covering all your furniture and decorations with cloth when you are cleaning to ceiling and wall. Used vacuum instead of sweeping it reduce to dust from falling down.

Get rid dust on to furniture, decoration and photo frames with microfiber clothes. Last, but not least, give quick vacuum of to floor and carpet. If it’s not necessary, do not mop the floor because its take sometime to dry. You do not want your visitors to arrive while the floor still damp.

Allocate Certain Time Period for Each Room

Follow your cleaning plan and clean each room within given time. 15-20 minutes per room is more than enough to make a quick spot cleaning. Make use of your stop watch to make you keep moving and focus on your cleaning without distraction.
The time you set give you an adrenaline rush to do it faster.

Clean First, Organize Later

Doing both cleaning and organizing at to same time, is not to most efficient way. It’s consume time and make you spending more time organizing. Remember to basket during to inspection? That is for you to sort later if you have spare time.

If not, put it away first at to hidden location and finish with your cleaning. The sorting and organizing also may distract you from your mission.Some people might just ignore the details. Furthermore, they did not come to do through inspection of your house.

Not Enough Time? Just Fake It!

You really in a big mess and do not have hours to do it? It’s really impossible to clean your house alone without help in very last minutes like this? Then fake your cleanliness by hiding all visual mess. Toss everything inside a container and hide it below to bed or behind to closed door.

If they come to visit at to night, change into to romantic lighting, put on light music and diffuse to nice smell essential oil to remove any bad odors.

Relax and Entertain Your Visitors

Now that your house are ready to accept visitors, you should not worry about what they think about you anymore. But if you put yourself into their shoes, I think they did not expect much from to host for this surprise visit. Anyway, to good things is they wanted to meet your family, get to know you and just want to meet their friends. After all nobody should judged to house owner while visiting their house right?