//How to Choose Decorative Storage Boxes to Reduce Clutter (and Decorate Your House)

How to Choose Decorative Storage Boxes to Reduce Clutter (and Decorate Your House)

You have categories all you stuff and ready to organized your house.

You know you need storage boxes, so you can easily store and find your things later.

But how to choose the right one that serve the purpose of storing but at the same time can beautify your place?

After looking for hundreds of beautiful decorative storage boxes in the markets, you’re still not sure which one is the most suitable to keep you home organized and give the best looks to match your house decor. Or will it looks only beautiful but do not store your belonging as expected?

Choosing storage boxes that provides double function as great storage and beautiful home decor doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Let’s look at these factors you need to consider before buying a decorative storage boxes.

Boxes for Right Items or Right Location?

You have separate things and categories different items in each of your room. You have pile of clothes in your bedroom. You have tons of kids toys that need to be storage in garage. And then there’s toiletries plus documents in your home offices. You also have kitchen pantries supplies that need to be store in boxes.

Would you start organizing and storing your items without planning?

If you really do this, it would only create more clutter and give you more stressful mind.

You know you need to start from one room to another. You also know you need to plan which items you want to start with.

When you organize one room at one time, you can properly plan which boxes suitable based on features, weight, shapes and sized, so that’s all the items fit the boxes perfectly. You also know how many boxes you need for each item.

Another way is to choose storage items based on where you want to place the boxes. You can find sized to perfectly fits your bookcases or your racks. Then store any items that’s fit the boxes.

So which method you would prefer when choosing the best storage boxes?

Do you measure and estimate the weight of the items first before purchasing storage boxes or do you choose the one that fits your storage place?

You can choose multi function decorative storage boxes that are sturdy, durable and also pretty decor items for your house, or you can just try to error with any boxes which fits your shelves or racks. Whichever boxes you choose, you need to find pretty to look at, and also functional  boxes. This way, you storage boxes are long-lasting, easy to access and give good protection to your belonging.

Let’s move to next tips on choosing decorative storage boxes.

Material and Quality

High quality boxes is the best for storing your properties.

But its usually high cost and for storing some items, you do not need to use high quality material or quality.

Before decide either you need high quality material or just simple storage boxes, you need to know what are the items you want to keep. For storing extra stationers in drawer as example, you just need cheap cardboard boxes or exclusive looking acrylic container . Your pantry supplies can be storage in plastics bins. My favorite storage boxes for keeping papers and other supplies in my home office are sea grass or rattan baskets. I prefer with no lid or open top because I use it frequently, so I can easily access the items at any time.

You can get decorative storage boxes as low as $10 each  and I would never bought anything more than $30 (except for special features storage boxes).

However, when storing heavy or fragile items or important documents, consider high quality boxes to protect the items from damage. Certain items sometimes need special storage boxes with intended function.

Chinaware and dinnerware that you use only on special occasion as example has storage boxes with dividers that keeps the items from moving around to avoid scratches. It’s offer added value, so the price usually more pricey compare to normal storage boxes.

Read on other important tips to use storage boxes to make your house prettier.

Complement Your Decor Style

Experiment with colors, texture and different shapes of storage containers.

It’s added personality to your home decor.

Choose the ones that complete the style and integrate well with the theme.

Rattan basket for more traditional and nature looks. Wire baskets clearly shows what’s inside and add interesting attraction for your vanity or wardrobe. Colorful fabrics boxes hide all your kids toys but at the same time brighten and make your kids playroom more cheerful.

When you decorate and organized your household items at the same times, your creative minds might give you surprise. It’s okay to trial and error to give the best look for your house. That’s is what decorative storage boxes and containers are for.

Today, you placed your acrylic storage inside your drawer to keep your stationery. Next month, you might move it to your vanity room to store your cotton balls. Or another months you use it in your kitchen to keep your tea sachet. The key to get the best storage containers are multi functional and you can style it freely to match any room decor.

More Functional As Temporary or Short Term Storage

How long you will keep your items in storage untouched is also important.

Decorative storage boxes only suitable for short term storage or for items you regularly used. It’s more to functional as decors to make your closet, shelf and walls look organized.

Long term storage require better boxes material to protect the inside contents from weather and bugs. Depends on items, air tight container and securely closed lid storage boxes are necessary. Plastics container is the best to avoid damage due to moisture and mites.

The best practice to regularly check your items in storage if you are keeping it more than a year. It’s minimize the risks of getting damage. Regular inspection also require to ensure the storage boxes still in good condition. If not, change the boxes to save the contents.

Need to stored clothing, blankets and other fabrics over long period? Avoid air tight containers. Your clothing needs to breathe and the boxes should have good air circulation. If not, over time your clothes will get damp and invites mold.

Show Off Your Storage Boxes

Now after choosing right and pretty storage boxes. Do not hid it anymore. Show off and display your beautiful storage containers.

When you choose any of storage boxes, container or bins, you’ll find a similar features like open top, with attached lids or stack able.These value added properties add special purpose and function. It’s help you to decide the best boxes to match your requirement and needs.

Avoid the temptation to buy the boxes because of its look only.

Choose both, for looks and its function.