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During my journey towards clean and organized home, I am having problems to find the right products. Products that can help me make my dream home come true and practical to use. Several times, I bought wrong items which could not help me and it’s cost lots of money. Trial and error make the journey so stressful and I almost give time by time.


To make your life easier and to avoid frustration like I do, here are my suggestion. I am not a professional home styling, so what I did was, to find an inspiration photos for each house section. I am creating my dream house visual board that I can look at them daily. As a NLP practitioner, I apply power of visualization to achieve my dream house.

So what I did every day is to visualize my dream house in my mind and imagine as if they have already come true. My house already like that (that is why I put Home Tour as title – as if I already achieve it) and it’s will activates my subconscious mind. It’s pretty cool and most of my goal are achieved using this techniques.

The best tools to collect your inspirational photos are from Pinterest and Houzz. You can keep your collection by creating secret Pinterest Board or print it out and display it on your home office wall. Look at the photos daily to motivate your towards your dream house.


Next step, crucial step is to plan it out. Most of the people fail to do this. So what happen is, dream will only be a dream. How long you going to take to complete your plan is not important, because everyone have different resources (time, budget, people, etc). But you still to do the plan and put the date on your list. Look at your list every day, so did not miss anything and to make you always motivated on the project.

Then I research where I can get the furniture and accessories as shows in my vision board. You do this project one by one, so you are not too overwhelmed by the tasks. You can use excel or printable sheets to plan your project and put it inside your home management binder or journal as a reminder.

If you do lots of online shopping, I suggest you use excel. Later when you need to create shopping list for your project, you can include the links to your favorite items. This will make your online shopping easier and faster. You do not waste time finding exact products and create lots of distraction later (might cause you unnecessary purchase).

Properly plan your room and details are important to create and keep an organized home to avoid excessive or impulse purchase that you might regret later.

Now, categories the most inspirational home for every room that you like (like your own home tour) and list all the items (or almost similar) that still you don’t have. Do some research for item within my budget in the internet and create link to the product for your future purchase. This way, you are creating dream home with a shopping list for reference when you plan for your home organization project.

Dining Room Inspiration

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Quotes from Virginia Woolf (A Room of One’s Own)



I am sharing my dream dining room first because I believe that stronger bond between happy family start at dining table. This dining area looks exclusive and dark color furniture give luxury looks. The crystal bowl as the centerpiece adds class and completed the looks. The painting creates beautiful focal point and make that are inviting and warm. I really in love with this high end dining room.

To create this dining room inspired look, I have listed and links each item that I like and replace the one that I don’t. You can click on the link if you are interested with the same items.

Dining table | Crystal Bow on Table | Orchid | Cabinet | Metal Bowl | Lamps | Painting | Hanging Lamp

|Indoor flower Planter instead of round table shelves

Note : for metal bowl, I link to different gold bowl because this photo is only as inspiration. I replaced the bowl with better looking bowl which matching the gold on the lamps. The round shelves also not very appealing to me. So I just replaced it with Standing Flower Planter to make the living room more alive. Feel free to change whichever items you like because it’s your personal preferences.

Organized Dining Room

To create functional dining room, you might want to add shelves or cabinet for storing tableware, sets of dishes or silverware that used for special occasion or for guest only. I found this glass cabinet that matching the dining room concept. This Hutch and buffet is suitable when you have kids since the glass only on top. You can also display beautiful dining sets for decors. Drawers and doors at the bottom to hide tablecloth and linen. What I like most is this buffet have legs, easier to clean the floor below it.

Hutch and buffet by BOWERY HILL


Now the best part, go shopping! I love shopping especially buying things for my house. But be careful when you ready to go shopping, bring list with you even when you do online shopping. If you are using excel shopping list, you can just click on the link and buy straight without wasting more time.

Get ready with organizing and decorating your home once all the furniture, decors, storing containers and accessories arrived. This is very exciting time, but sometimes if your project do not go as planned, be patient and be creative.

PS : I will update the home tour with more inspirational room later. Meanwhile, collect your inspiration room ideas and if you want to share with me, email me at azaliha@ibeautifulhome.com with subject : Dream Home. Happy Dreaming!