//Best Way to Organize Your Jewelry Without Damage It
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Best Way to Organize Your Jewelry Without Damage It

I am jewelry lovers and have pretty big collection. Its very difficult to just toss it away because every item very valuable to me. Not because of the price but I love every item I bought because of the design. What happen to me are common issues faced by jewelry lovers, missing pieces (earring most of the time), things gets tangled up. You also keep wearing the same one because its hard to what you have in your collection. Time is always to be blamed, I have no time to find the matching jewelry. But the real reason is because your jewelry are not easily accessible.

You do not need to fancy ways to organize and keep your jewelry collection in good conditions. The important things to know, different type of jewelry should be keeping in different ways. I explained here how to choose the right storage or organizer for every type of your jewelry.


Fine Jewelry

Valuable jewelry like gold and silvers that you want to keep at home should be stored in its original box. To keep the pieces secured, put them in lock drawers. Both type of jewelry have malleable metals and can be easily scratches. Unlike gold, silver can be easily oxidized. Before storing your silver jewelry and slow down the tarnish, wash properly after using and wrap it in a tarnish-proof cloth.

Same for jewelry with natural gems. Avoid storing your organics gems jewelry in the plastics bags. Natural gems especially pearls need moisture to avoid it from crack. Keep diamonds separately in different cloth pouch. Diamond is the hardest gems and it can scratch others if kept together.

The best way to keep your fine jewelry is in jewelry armoire or locked drawer.

jewelry armoire

Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry are made with gold, silver or platinum plating and often comes with semi-precious stones or other imitate gems. When you are buying fashion jewelry, it’s usually comes in fabric pouch to keep it from scratch and oxidize. Also, to protect the stones from falling or scratching.

The best way to keep your jewelry at best conditions are storing in its original pouch. But if you do not have it, keep it properly in soft tissue paper. Instead of having your jewelry stored all over the place, your fashion jewelry should properly be stored in closed box organizer.

jewelry boxes

Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry can easily damage if not organized properly. Necklace & Bracelets can get tangled easily if put together in one compartment. Rings and other accessories may lose its shine and missing its stones. Best way to keep it to maintain its beauty for years are to properly organized it in a right storage.

Your daily wear jewelry, can either be hanged or keep In jewelry holder. I love how graceful orders organizing her jewelry collection. Beautiful ways of organizing and styling your closet.

For drawer, the most organized way is using the stackable trays. It’s the best option for organizing your favorite jewelry and you make easily find it especially when you have way too many.

Jewelry Tray

My Jewelry Organization Situation

Most of my collection are made of sterling silver, so rather than visually display it, I prefer to store it in the drawer. Each individual piece are keep in a pouch to preserve it.

But what happen is, since its neatly keep in a pouch and stored in a box inside my drawer. I keep wearing the same one because its time consuming to open each pouch to find and choose. So I have been looking for creative ways to
organize my jewelry in the drawers and have found many ideas that I found practical and pretty organized. I’m sharing with you all ideas I have found so far which I liked.

Before shower, I  removed all my jewelry that I wear. So I placed one bowl on my vanity table, but after seeing this glass jewelry organizer, I get an idea to use this one and place it on the desk as decor as well.



Basically, what I am sharing with you is the best way to store your jewelry to make its pretty even after few years. After reading, now it’s easier for you to decide. You can choose to organize your jewelry either on a counter top, or in drawer or hanging on walls. But if you still do not have ideas on how to creatively organized your jewelry, get some ideas from these pictures.

Hanging on wall with wooden mounted jewelry organizer.

Counter top cactus jewelry holder.
Glass Compartment Jewelry