//5 Reasons Why You Should Love Modern Minimalist Home
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5 Reasons Why You Should Love Modern Minimalist Home

It’s very easy to fall in love with decoration in other people house. Especially when every year almost every house tour tends to show the latest home decor trends. The worst thing is house tour is really addicting like food. Season after season, new trend come and go. In the journey to make our house beautiful, we choose one trend after another. New trends means new furniture, new paint color, new accessories. It’s only end up with you buying more things.

So what do you do? Follow new trends or just stick to your own home decor concept?

I just need a beautiful, clean and organized home. But at the same time, the home decor that never goes out of trends. Modern Minimalist home decor seems meet the criteria I set. Love clean, less clutter and organized home?

Then you should try Modern Minimalist home decor. These are the reasons, why this home concept is the best choice.

1. Minimalist Home is a New and Future Trend

Trends change and evolve. Some are popular for just few years and for some, it’s only suitable for certain season. But it’s not true for minimalist home decor. Originally minimalist home only use black and white colors. Furniture and decoration limited to stainless steel, chrome, sometime plastics. But over time, people more creative and varieties but still maintain the symmetrical, clean and open concept. Modern minimalist homes decor style also change with cozier choice of furniture.

Day by day, more and more people start to appreciate outdoor and nature. Home with more spaces, look spacious and airy are welcome to incorporate outdoor living. This is why minimalist is the new and also future trend.

2. Mix and Match Easily With Difference Decor Style

Minimalist Mix Home Design

I love fresh looking home with different looks every year. But at the same time, I still maintain the home decor concept. Since I fall in love with modern minimalist home decor, I stick to my choice for years. If I just happen to love new trends, I just take the inspiration for certain spot in my home.

It’s happen when I attracted to Japanese interior collection, what I do is to just change certain element such as cushion cover in my couch and also carpet. Surprisingly, it’s a small change, but it’s already give a big impact.

This is how you can change the home decor to give immediate styles. It’s not difficult to blend well with the current home decor with those simple tricks. Simple decor varieties is okay as long as you maintain the tidiness, clutter free, balance and harmony colors and design.

3. Lead to Simple Life

simple living in minimalist home

Less stuffs, simple furniture with few decorative elements does not make cleaning easy but also change your life. More thing in your house, more complicated your life. Our physical possession including your high maintenance expensive furniture simply add clutter in your mind too. You need to spend money, time and energy for that simple item.

If you do not have time, then you have to hire someone to do it for you. It’s might cause you stress if kids ruined it intentionally too. Do you? If it’s not, then I give you 10 stars because you are really very patient parents.

Simple and stress free life with more time to give to your family and friends, how that sound? Freedom to spend your life for an important thing in your life rather than worrying about unnecessary things. Then, I believe the idea of modern minimalist home is quite interesting and rewarding when you get a lot.

4. Inspire a Sense of Calm


Imagine yourself sitting in a room. The lighting from outside made the room bright. White and neutral color room with simple furniture make your mind clear from any thought. You just want to relax, deep in reading while listen to good music. How that’s sound?

Is that what most of the people looking in life?

Neutral or opting for an all-white interior is the basic concept of minimalist decor which make your mind clear. The color it’s translate to cleanliness, give more spacious feeling. Subconsciously it’s create happy mood and lead to happy mind.

Minimalist home removes multiple items that use for the same function to create more space. This space creates room within a feeling of calm and empty your mind from unnecessary thought. In contrast, things and clutter can leave a negative effect to your mood and make you anxious and depressed.

5. Save Money, Time and Energy

Modern Minimalist Bedroom

Our first action to makeover our house to minimalist home is to list down all the furniture that we already have. We redesign our house layout and plan properly where to place the furniture. The rest of the furniture either sold, donated or just go to trash. The money we got used to bought multi functional furniture. Now we have less furniture compare to before, but more space for everything we want to keep.

Now with more space, we have less time to clean, maintain and worry about. It’s all require money, time and energy. Instead of wasting money, time and energy on the extra thing in your house, you can spend those to achieve your goal.

Want to save more money when you are addicted to decoration? My suggestion is when you are really felt like buying new furniture or accessories for your house, keep that money into your saving envelope instead. Few years later, you might surprise to see how much you have saved. This is true especially to house decorator mania like me who wants to change the house looks in every few months.

Welcome Good Things In Life

Now that you know, there are many good reasons behind your choice of choosing modern minimalist homes. Then you can decide why it’s really for you. Now, set it as your new goal and go forward for it. Stop worrying about your decision either it’s right or wrong. I get lots of questions from friends and family when I started giving away good furniture and pretty such that I don’t need. My mission just to remove extra thing in my home and start apply the minimalist home concept gradually. It’s just uncomfortable, but when you have clear with your goal and decision, nothing can stop you.